Bejeweled Games

Treasures of The Sea Treasures of The Sea
Tile Connect - Pair Matching Tile Connect - Pair Matching
Magic Match Magic Match
Jewel Magic Jewel Magic
Microsoft Jewel Microsoft Jewel
Candy Blocks Candy Blocks
Marbles Garden Marbles Garden

Bejeweled Games

Bejeweled is a tile-matching puzzle games.
Matching games are generally games that allow you to destroy objects of the same color or type by bringing them together.
Candy Crush-style games are among the most popular games of this category.

What are the best Bejeweled Games ?

  1. Candy Blocks
  2. Marbles Garden
  3. Magic Match
  4. Super Candy Jewels
  5. Microsoft Jewel

What are the most recently added Bejeweled Games ?

  1. Treasures of The Sea
  2. Tile Connect - Pair Matching
  3. Magic Match
  4. Jewel Legend
  5. Super Candy Jewels